Marker Placement

Monuments and Concrete Foundations

The following rules are to govern all monumental work performed by Monument Sub-Contractors in The Union Cemetery.

Bases and Dies

All monuments and bases must be installed on a below the surface concrete foundation, due to the sandy conditions in our Cemetery.

Monument bases must be a minimum total of 6” longer than the die and 2” wider than the die that is being installed on it.


Below the surface concrete foundations must be a minimum of 4” thick and a minimum of 2” wider on all sides than the base or die or slant marker that is being installed on it.

If no base is being installed, the same minimum dimensions pertain to the concrete foundation for a die or slant marker.

In cases where the height of the die is 24” or greater, and the width is 30” or greater, the concrete foundation must be 4” longer and 2” wider than the base or die or slant marker that is being installed on it.

Please figure the foundation size when pricing

Monument Application

Before commencing any work, the monument contractor shall first submit to The Union Cemetery Association the following information:

1. Type of work to be done

2. Sketch of the monument to be installed and inscription theron-indicating name of the deceased or lot owner.

3. Name, address, and signature of purchaser and owner

4. Length, width, and height of base

5. Length, width, and height of the die

6. Length, width and height of the Grave Marker or Head Stone


Every memorial must be made of either granite or bronze. No other materials are permitted and the Cemetery may reject any inferior grades of either one of these materials, and reserves the right to reject at any time any marker or monument, which in the judgment of the Cemetery Association should not be permitted or placed on a lot. Any request for exceptions to this rule must be make by written request to The Union Cemetery Association.

Concrete Vaults

The Union Cemetery Association requires a two-piece concrete vault with straight sides, with minimum compressive strength of 4,500 pound per square inch, reinforced with steel wire. Vault walls are to be not less than one and one half inches ( 1 ½”) in thickness. Flat covers/lids are not permitted. Vaults are required when human remains have been embalmed and a standard non-biodegradable casket is being used.


All Vault Companies, Interment Contractors, and Monument Companies are required to take the necessary precautions i.e. planking/plywood, not to cause ruts, damage to monuments or grave sites when digging graves, unloading vaults or delivering or installing monuments. Sub-contractors will be responsible to repair any damage caused by neglect of its employees or agents at the sub-contractors expense.

Natural Burials without Vaults

It is permitted bury human remains that have not been embalmed and are interred in a shroud or a casket, constructed of cardboard, untreated white pine or other materials that will rapidly decompose. Natural burial caskets other than described in this section, must first be approved by the Superintendent.

A one- time additional fee of $200.00 will be charged for periodic refilling of Natural Burial graves sites.

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